2 October 2008

We’ll finish watching OMM today and I’ll offer four questions I’d like you to use in your journal:

  1. How does the humor in the first half of the film impact the tragedy in the second half?
  2. Identify 1-2 visual transitions from the second half of the film and describe why they were effective.
  3. How does the repetition of “I’ve got you and you’ve got me…” and Lennie’s insistence on it impact the end of the film?
  4. Why does Sinise alter the ending? In particular, notice that while the novel begins and ends in paradise, the film begins and ends in the train car thinking about what has just happened. What does this do for us as viewers?

Then I’ll assign your second task and give you the Proposal and Critical Reflection Guidelines as well as a sample.  I’ll also start equipping you with some very basic rhetoric concepts today and likely continue that a little bit tomorrow.

Your first proposal for the second task is due no later than October 9–but you can submit it as early as you like! It may help you to avoid crunch time at the end of the trimester if you get this one in asap.

Also, I want you to know that I know this means some of you are working on two tasks, and that’s not an easy thing. It may be a tough 1-2 weeks, but I have supreme faith in you–you’re each of you brilliant and beautiful and hardworking and I’m lucky to be your teacher!


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