13 April 2009

I posted some motifs from Hamlet on the board for us to track as we read:

  • Parts/whole–unity/division
  • Ears (hearing, but not, rumors, accusations, poison both literal and figurative for the ears)
  • Father/son relationship–who is father, who is son and who is true father, true son (lots of foils and intricacies here–Hamlet Jr/Sr, Fortinbras Jr/Sr, Laretes/Polonius)
  • Eyes–seeing what’s true but not rational, testing sight
  • Usurping–wrongful accusations or unrightful actions, mistaking action for accusation or accusation for action, actual usurping of thrones, powers, positions, relationships
  • Beasts/bestiality–esp in relationship to sexual relationships between Claudius/Gertrude
  • Cannons, eruptions, rotten-ness, rankness, poison, foulness, fog, clouds, gloom (omens of disorder)
  • Acting/directing
  • Advice giving

Then we read some more of Hamlet together.

Someone asked today about journaling for Hamlet. I want you to continue the work of journaling we’ve been doing. How do you make sense of what you’re reading, how do you interpret it (esp. as you track motifs) and then evaluating your own reading for the skills we’ve been working on this year from Foster, Nabokov, Perrine.


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