19 August 2010

Welcome to English 10H!

I am thrilled you’re here, and we are going to have a blast together this year.  For the first time in your ICCSD careers, you are in a group of your peers in a unique way, and you get to really run.  No more holding back intellectually.  Got it?

Today we’re going to do a bunch of introductory stuff together:

  1. You’ll fill out an information sheet to help me get to know you a little bit (it’s a start–nothing more).
  2. I’ll orient you to the classroom space, the course and my expectations for how we work together as a community.
  3. We’ll watch a short music video together (Radiohead), and I’ll ask you to write about it using this prompt: What did the man say?  Defend your thinking using evidence from the video.

Please publish your response as a comment on this post by 8 a.m. tomorrow.  I will print off your responses and we’ll use them as the focus for our discussion tomorrow.


5 thoughts on “19 August 2010

  1. Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix will be awesome, but I am also looking forward to improving my writing skills

  2. I am so excited to excel my reading and writing skills this year! I am also very excited to have Mrs. B as my teacher and to watch more Radiohead videos! (hopefully).

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