30 August 2010

Today we’ll talk about “The Adventure of the Red Headed League” a little bit, focusing on your experience of journaling about it.  I want to make sure to answer your questions/concerns about writing in your journal first.

Also a reminder to send me a note from your Gmail account TONIGHT so that I can confirm you as a contact!

Then, we’re going to move on to talk about your formal writing.  I’m going to introduce the mother of all handouts: the Honors and AP Writing process (I’m sorry about the length–I will not make you read it all right now, and we’ll start at the “nutshell version,” I promise).

Mostly, I’ll try to walk through the process with you a bit, answer your questions.  For those of you who had English 9 with me, this process will just seem like the logical next step.  For those of you who haven’ t had me for class before, this process will likely seem a bit strange and unusual, but if there is one thing I know after a week and a half with this group: you can handle unusual!  🙂

Tomorrow, we’ll be in the lab together and you’ll begin work on your first formal task.


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