7 September 2010

We met in the lab today for a writing day (Tuesday). Pretty productive, I think.

Two pieces that might help:
1. If you’re still stuck for a thesis, try this What So What Character Analysis Flow Chart.

2. Remember to ask yourself these two questions: (a) How much evidence is there in the text to back up my what and so what? (b) How much “connect the dots” would I have to do in order to make this logical for my reader? Your answer to (a) should be “a lot” and your answer to (b) should be “not much.” If they’re reversed, they you probably need to rework your thesis (and the rest of it all too).

Remember to zip through this proposal business as quickly as possible…turn around those proposal drafts!  The faster you do that, the better off you’ll be when you’re actually drafting.


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