16 September 2010

OOOPS!  My first “forgot to post”  yesterday.  I’m sorry, scholars.  I’m “pre-dating” this post so that it goes on the “right day”

We spent our class time on two things:

  1. We finished our discussion about the biblical parallels between Ch. 1 and the excerpts I provided.
  2. You had some time (about 15 minutes) to work on reading.  I’m asking you to read Chapter 2 of OMM for Friday and Chapter 2 of Foster for Monday.

Your journal prompts for OMM Ch. 2:

  • Identify the parallels between Chapter 1 and Chapter 2.  Think of this as a comparison/contrast exercise.  How are they similar and how are they different?
  • Do some of your own meaning-making of the text.  I hope to start all our discussions with “what did YOU notice and what do YOU want to talk about?”  🙂

Your Foster journal prompt is in the Foster DOAH (daughter of all handouts, credit to Gabe for that acronym).


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