27 September 2010

Today I asked you to work in small groups:

  • Discussing the significance of the three deaths we’ve encountered (CW, puppy, Candy’s dog)
  • Identifying and exploring the symbols so far in the novel
  • Developing Themes based on these subjects: loneliness, friendship, predjudice

I should have had “dreams” as a subject, and didn’t, SO…I’m offering it for discussion here.  This will count towards your participation grade for Wednesday if you like.  What quotes/passages do you see that have to do with DREAMS and based on that, what do you think Steinbeck is saying about them?

Since tomorrow is Tuesday (and a writing day), we’ll finish with 4 & 5 on Wednesday.  Please finish the book for Thursday.  Your final journal prompt is an open one, so you develop what you think would be most meaningful in terms of your response.


2 thoughts on “27 September 2010

  1. When Lennie and Curley’s wife are talking (88). Curley’s wife had a dream but never got around to it. Lennie keeps on interupting everything everyone says with the rabbits and his dream. Not listening to other’s failed dreams.

  2. When George is talking to Candy he says that it could of never really been done, that they weren’t going to get the farm, that was their dream and it disappeared when Lennie killed Curley’s wife. (94) Also, when Candy stands over Curley’s wife’s body, he blames her for taking away his dream of owning a farm with Geroge and Lennie.

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