13 October 2010

We continued to work today in the lab.  Most of you have a solid start on your proposals, and I’m asking you to hand them to me by Friday 10/15 at the latest.  I want you to be drafting by Monday…and if I get the proposals earlier, you can start drafting earlier!  🙂

Hey–me again.  Just want to give you an example that a student for one of my online courses submitted today.  Their choices for this assignment are a bit more far-ranging than yours, and include 1984.  Here are his “main” arguments:

I think that 1984 should remain in the library because:
Educational argument-It is a classic that is frequently referenced. It would be a detriment to their education if students were not familiar with the origin of “big brother.”

Moral arguments-(a) It forces students to consider the broad implications of political ideas. (b) It stands out from other novels because of its heavily political focus, which offers a unique perspective on government as an institution (c) Orwell offers a unique view of human nature. Not as basically good or evil, but as infinitely malleable.

Literary arguments-(a)It has literary significance as one of the major dystopian novels, a relatively small group of books. (b) It is a great intellectual work that considers some of the deepest questions ever asked, such as the meaning of truth, freedom and beauty.

Civic argument-It is not the job of the administration to censor material, that responsibility falls on the parents.


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