18 October 2010

Today, first, we tried to sort out the Harry Potter Premiere options.  I decided a survey was in our best interest.  So here you go: Click here to take survey .  I will keep the survey open until THURSDAY.

Then we had our first Socratic Seminar.  By and large it went okay.  I’ve asked you to read Chapters 4 & 5 for WEDNESDAY (I won’t see you tomorrow because of ITEDs).

Apparently there was some confusion about the journal prompts last time.  It was NOT my intention that prompt 1 = Chapter 1, but that all the prompts were to help you address the entire chunk of reading you did.  Henceforth, I shall use bullet points instead of numbers!

For Chapters 4 & 5, please reflect on:

  • Continue to work with the metaphor of Gene’s time at school as his “war”–think carefully about what war it is that he’s fighting, and continue to look for language that points to that.
  • Address the BIG EVENT that happens.  Why did it happen?  Was it an accident or was it intentional?  What evidence do you have for it being intentional?  What evidence do you have for it being accidental?  Try to be as specific as you can be, including quotes and page numbers.  A T-chart on this might even be helpful.
  • Continue your work with season and politics and hero’s journey.  If you missed the handout on hero’s journey template, please stop by and pick one up ASAP.

Good luck on ITEDs tomorrow!


4 thoughts on “18 October 2010

  1. I would like to add this to todays discussion thing. About the political climate-I was thinking that maybe Gene represented america and Finny kept pulling him into things he didn’t really want to do, like the rest of the world did to america in WWII

    • I think that’s a great point, that there are clear parallels between Finny and WWII/Gene and America. I would also like to add on that if Finny does die, like some people (like Juju) are saying, then that would represent the victory of America, but also a loss of America. A victory of war, but a loss of public perception, reputation, and allies.

  2. I would also like to add something to today’s discussion. The first time Gene jumps out of the tree, He thinks that maybe Finny was “getting some kind of hold over me?” I think that Gene’s afraid that he will be controlled by Finny if he stays too close to him. I guess that was kind of like the US and USSR, they were allies, but there was a lot of tension in between them because one was afraid the other would try to take control.
    I also have a feeling that Finny is going to die. In the present passage (when Gene is revisiting the school in the beginning of the first chapter) is really morbid, so maybe something bad happened at that school and he was feeling remorse. At the end of that passage, It says “Changed, I headed back through the mud…anybody could see it was time to come in out of the rain.” The rain is physical, but maybe also figurative for some sort of sadness of depression over whatever happened.
    That was longer than I thought it would be.

    • I agree with Juju about feeling that Finny is going to die due to the strange and eerie feeling he has when returning to the school. When he is at the school he is most afraid to go to certain places, (and now I know why) but at the time I thought had a hunch it was because of what happened to Finny later in the story.

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