19-20 October 2010


Missed you today. And have a LOT of proposals just sitting on my desk waiting for you…feel free to drop by anytime to get them.

Miscellaneous Reminders & Info You’ve Requested:

  • Remember to take the survey about the HP movie premiere: Click here to take survey .
  • Journal prompts for Chapters 4 & 5 were posted yesterday, just scroll down an entry if you need them.
  • Inner Circle Assignments for Socratic Seminars:
    Oct 20-(that’s tomorrow!)-Juju, Gabe, Matt, Ana, Haelin
    Oct 22Emma, Shannon, Kara, Alison, Cecilia
    Oct 25Andrew, Michael Cassie, Elizabeth, Max
    Oct 27-Sean, Sophia, Seb, and two “extra credit” participants TBA


We had our second Socratic Seminar today.  Thank you for your work–by and large it was quite effective.  Tomorrow I’ll offer some debriefing and a little paper help in class.


4 thoughts on “19-20 October 2010

  1. I agree with the people in the discussion today who thought that Gene intentionally jounced the log, because he couldn’t stand it that Finny is a better person than him. He kind of reaches a new level of envy because he realizeds that Finny not only has better athletic ability but is also morally superior to him.

    Also after reading this paragraph:
    “The house itself was high, white, and oddly proper to be the home of Phineas. It presented a face of definite elegance to the street, although behind that wings and ells dwindled quickly in formality until the house ended in a big plain barn.” (pg 59-60)

    I think this is symbolism to represent Finny and Gene. (Finny very elegant, smooth, stands out, while Gene is his behind as his follower, and doesn’t posess outstanding characteristics)

  2. I feel like the roles of Finny and Gene are about to switch so that Finny is the resentful jealous person. Even though Finny was and so far is the better person I get a feeling that he’s not the same anymore.
    For example, in chapter 5 when Gene is visiting Finny and Finny’s eyes “no longer had their sharp good humor, but had become clouded and visionary,” I know in discussion we talked about how this marked him as a blind prophet but his characteristics have greatly changed or at least Gene’s view(which is all we can use to see the story) has changed. Also when Gene try’s on Finny’s clothes he speaks like he has transformed into Phineas. “I was Phineas, Phineas to the life. I even had his humorous expression in my face, his sharp optimistic awareness. I had no idea why his gave me such intenese relief, but it seemed, standing there in Finny’s triumphant shirt, that I would never stumble through the confusions of my own character again,” Gene more or less becomes the hero in this transformation, and Finny, who had his own hero’s journey has transformed, in an abstract way, into Gene. Which for Gene(now Phineas) there really is no more competition, but just like how Gene was “at war” with Phineas, Phineas will come back in this winter of life(the life of WW2 that Gene describes around 32 or 33 of the old book) and be at war with Gene. I know a lot of this is opinion but I just had to get a little of it out.

  3. I wanted to agree with the people who said that when Gene jumped into the water he was being baptized. I feel like before he did so many “sins” and when he was baptized it was making him act like he was cleaned and a new person.
    I also agree with Sophie about Finny’s house being a symbol. The description makes it sound like an almost perfect house, just like Finny is in the perspective of Gene.
    I thought it was surprising when Gene jounced the log. I thought that he was finally in good terms with Finny. I think that he must have been dissapointed that Finny had been so unselfish and understanding that Gene needs to study to get good grades. Gene seems to keep on trying to expect the worse in Finny.

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