21 October 2010

Today is a reading day.

In addition

  • I’ll pull various groups working on specific novels in their papers.  We need to nail the literary arguments so you can get drafting.
  • I’m eliminating your critical reflection essays for THIS TASK because I want you to focus on drafting.  I’m replacing it with the ninth and tenth grade critical reflection worksheet.

Journal prompts for Chapters 6 & 7:

  • You may want to read Foster’s Chapter 14, about Christ figures.
  • Address season in Chapters 6 & 7 based on Foster.
  • How has Gene become disconnected from Devon?  Where is he in his hero’s journey?  Where is he in the war metaphor?
  • Think through some or all of the following: symbols, Christ-figures, baptism/initiation, communion (a la cigarettes in this case rather than food), judgment and judgment places.  Pay attention to the RIVER and the TREE especially.

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