27 October 2010

Last Socratic Seminar today. . . and wow. . .we covered a LOT of ground. . . mostly religious. . . I’d like to see more thinking about the hero’s journey genre and school stories as a sub-genre of that.

Tomorrow we’re going to do a quick essay ambulance before talking about the ending of ASP and having a reading day for LFA.


3 thoughts on “27 October 2010

  1. Adding onto what was said about Gene being the dragon, he was telling Finny that since he had fallen out of the tree he couldn’t go to war, which is what was important to Finny and the reason why he hadn’t believed in the war. By telling him this he stopped Finny from doing what he wanted and basically blocked his journey. I wanted to go back to when Gene was at Leper’s house and say point out that he made a good impression on Mrs. Lepellier during dinner, or a communion, by eating a lot of her food, but Leper didn’t eat anything and Gene felt bad about eating too much and no on talked. I think this shows the communion was bad.

  2. I think Finny being the hero in hero’s journey makes sense, but I also still see Gene being the main “hero” of the story. I think his journey is the journey to maturity and self awareness. The transformation he experinces is accepting what he has done to Finny and foregiving himself for it. (acknowleding ugly in himself) Once he has done this he can enter the return stage, which is when he enters the war. I think the atonement is at the beginning of the book, when the older Gene revisits Devon. He makes peace with his life at Devon, faces his fears, and makes peace with the dragon. (tree and stairs that caused Finny’s death)

  3. I would like to respond to a passage we discussed yesterday in class about Gene “turning into Finny.” The part I’m refering to is near the beginning of chapter 11, when Gene describes the pictures on the walls of their room. Someone explained that they thought this passage showed Gene as truly becoming a part of Finny. I think this could be true, but I also saw this passage as showing Gene as being unsure of his identity. Since the pictures are a “barefaced lie” to Gene, it shows that he doesn’t really know where he is from or who he is. This is an example of why Gene may not be a reliable narrator for the story.

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