1 November 2010

Hello scholars!  T minus ten days here till the end of trimester.  I’m responding to papers all day today as fast as I can! I’m going to offer you a Before and After in class today to help you as you work on your rewrites (Click here for an e-copy: B&A Persuasive Letter, Detail).  A Before and After is when I take a student’s paragraph “before” and revise it as if it were mine to revise for the target areas I’d like to see you working on in your on papers.  I offer an analysis at the end about why the “after” is an improvement.  I hope it will be a useful tool for you as you’re revising this task.

In the meantime, today we’ll begin our discussion about Looking for Alaska.


2 thoughts on “1 November 2010

  1. I wanted to add onto the hero’s journey chart by saying that Kevin is the: aristocratic/wealthy kid, usually cruel or a bully. I also wanted to add onto what was said about Alaska being the mentor and dying by pointing out that she said “I may die young but at least I’ll die smart.” This foreshadows her possible death and shows she’s a mentor. The author wants you to notice these quotes because they’re usually at the end of a day/chapter.

  2. To add to seb’s comment about the fake (and physical) beach representing pudge’s relationship with lara. I thought that pudge and Alaska laying ATOP the beach shows that pudge’s emotional infatuation will always rise above his physical, and spontaneous relationship with lara.

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