5 November 2010-Eng 10H

Happy Guy Fawkes Day. It’s a patriotic holiday in Brittan made over into a truly literary holiday as a result of a dystopic masterpiece of a film called V For Vendetta.  The holiday even has its own nursery rhyme to go with it:

Remember, remember

the 5th of November,

The gunpowder treason and plot

I know of no reason

Why gunpowder treason

Should ever be forgot.

Today we will discuss the film we watched (not V for Vendetta, but Harry Potter & the Order of the Phoenix…) together–looking at how it fits into school stories (and also hero’s journey) as well as where we saw overlap with Foster.  This is great practice for your journal interviews, which begin Monday.


One thought on “5 November 2010-Eng 10H

  1. About the movie, I would like to point out that everyone who produced a patronus had that patronus represent one of their traits. Harry-stag, and he is noble. Ron-dog, and he is loyal. Those are two great examples.

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