11 November 2010-Eng 10H


You made it through your first tri with flying colors.  I’m so so so proud of the work you’ve done, the writing and thinking and GROWING that’s happened in here.  Wow.  What a trimester!

Also, I have finalized grades as of 4:08 p.m. today for all students in this course.  If you find an error in one of your grades, notify me before tomorrow at 4:00 p.m., please.

As for today, we spent the day doing three things:

  1. Taking your Quizlet test on the computer
  2. Partaking of delicious baked goods courtsey Gabe, Nat and Mrs. B.
  3. Browsing the library selection of memoir, choosing a memoir text and someone to read it with. and checking it out  Most importantly–we all need to have our memoir texts by WEDNESDAY which will be your first reading day for memoir.

Also, I asked you to pick up copies of two essays and a series of journal questions, but so few people did that I will reserve the rest until Monday and call it a weekend off for you, dear ones.


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