19 November 2010

After silent reading and vocabulary, we had your first meeting for your memoir literature circles today.  Mostly productive beginning on Memoir Notes 1.  Here’s to hoping that “I Have a Plan” only requires ONE day and we can sneak in some extra time on Memoir Notes 1 for the next day!

In terms of Vocabulary, I passed out the Sophomore Tri 2 Vocab Packet and introduced your new words for this week.  If you look at the sample, you’ll see that I am NOT requiring you to rewrite the definition into your sentence this trimester–and because I’ve already done the sample, you have only three words this week:

  • morph–form, structure–as in metamorphosis, a change in form or structure
  • neuro–nerve–as in neurology, the study of the nervous system
  • nov–new–as in renovate, to make something new

These vocab words will be due on TUESDAY of next week, since we don’t have school on Wednesday, Thursday or Friday.

Then, I gave out the first ACCEPTED proposal today (congratulations Nat!)–so I’m including here a sample memoir so you can see format a little bit.  This isn’t exactly the style I’m advocating for you, but it is the most authentic piece of memoir writing I’ve done recently, so it’s the best approximation I can give you electronically.  It’s called Flower’s Force and Stirring Love.  Notice how the title, name and page number, spacing and paragraphing/indenting are handled.  That should be EXACTLY the same for you.  Obviously, you don’t have to do the copyright footnote if you don’t want to.  🙂


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