21 December 2010

Fun food day today.  Thanks for those who contributed.  🙂

Then we finished reading the play and talked about three key issues:

  1. How the chorus makes sense of Creon’s fate and whether or not we think that’s legit.
  2. The tension between fate and free will in a play essentially written to scare Greeks back into worship of the gods.
  3. The question of this particular play’s position on women–did we read a progressive text that puts forward a strong, female character in the midst of a patriarchal society or did we read a predominantly patriarchal text in which “even a woman” can show Creon his place?

Finally, there is no homework over break.  But I would love for you to begin doing some thinking about the issue of Civil Disobedience.  In particular, start poking around into issues locally and nationally where people are breaking laws they believe to be unjust AS A WAY OF  LEADING INTO CHANGE.  This is where Task 4 will pick up after break.

I will miss you, dearhearts.  You are the light of my teacher eyes and the delight of my teacher heart.  Happy vacation.


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