28 January 2011

Today was your chance to practice your presentations.  I also gave you your last vocabulary words for the trimester, due Friday February 11.  Note that there are FIVE words this time rather than the usual FOUR:

  • ver – truth – as in verify, to make certain of the truthfulness of a statement (or as in veritas serum, if you know what it is)
  • vit – life – as in revitalize, to give new life
  • zoo – animal – as in zoology, the study of animals
  • ab – away from – as in abduction, to lead a person away from home/family
  • ambi – both – as in ambidextrous, capable of using both right and left hands equally well

One thought on “28 January 2011

  1. Hey Mrs. B. I was looking at the vocab and we don’t have “ver” but we have “ad”. Just thought I’d let you know 🙂

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