17 February 2011

I’m not well and staying home today. I will still have the journal improvement society meeting…but we’ll do that tomorrow instead of today.

Today I want you to accomplish two things:
1. Cecelia asked if we could revisit the poem to address the question about why the grandmother moves from tears to singing. I’ve asked the sub to let Matt lead a short (10-15 minute) discussion about this topic. I’m sure you all agree that Matt will be fair minded enough to make sure a variety of people get to talk about things.
2. I’ve also asked the sub to have you divide yourselves into groups of 3 or 4 based on which poem you wrote about for today (One Art OR Those Winter Sundays). I want you to do the same work on the poem you chose that we did as a class on Bishop’s “Sestina.” You may not finish it today, but that’s okay. Get a good start and we’ll finish tomorrow. Make sure to do some good journalling on this as you work…but otherwise no homework for tomorrow.


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