24-25 February

24 Feb: Hmm.  I let you sweet talk me into letting you do Poetry Jeopardy (designed for 9th graders).  It ended up being a good review of poetry terms anyhow, so I’m not too mussed.  But it does mean we missed some conversation about Cluster 1 Poems.  You’re to read and journal about CLUSTER 2 poems for MONDAY.  Tomorrow, as you know, is your vocabulary test.

25 Feb: Today is your vocabulary test over words 1-66.  You will take this test on Quizlet.  It should be set up with 30 questions, all written, prompt with the definition.

When you have earned your score, show the substitute teacher and she’ll write it down.  If you earn a higher score at any point, you can show her that one and she will erase the previous score and write down the new score.  You may take the test as many times as you like.

When you’ve done as well as you can do with that, then you may play Scatter or SpaceRace.  The person who earns the lowest TIME on Scatter and the person who earns the highest SCORE on SpaceRace will earn 5 extra credit points on the vocabulary test.


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