21 March 2011

Today we started our discussion of the dystopic novels you read over break.  I asked you to break into books based on who read which book.  Then each group made a poster explaining how the novel they read does/does not conform to the definitions of a dystopic novel.  You were invited to do this with images, words, venn diagrams, t-charts–whatever worked!

Then, I gave you each your own copy of Fahrenheit 451.  These are really a gift from Summer of the Arts and The Big Read, but I like for you to have the ability to write in at least one of the books we read!!! I’m asking you to read Part I: The Hearth and the Salamander for WEDNESDAY March 23rd.  As you read, you’ll do several things:

  1. Use the same journal prompts you used while reading your first dystopic novel.
  2. For Part I: Track the differences between “Clarisse’s World” and “Montag’s World.”
  3. Annotate in your book.  Pay specific attention to figurative language (symbol, metaphor, simile, personification), repetition/connection between sections, and your own questions.  All three of these are worth jotting down in the margins.

Note: one of the journal prompts involves keeping track of quotes related to several key thematic concepts.  Because you have your own books, you can simply underline the germane passages and jot down page numbers in your journal.  You can also write in the margins which thematic concept a particular passage seems to connect with.


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