20-21 April 2011

Today and tomorrow you’ll work on reading Act I, and we’ll have some of the scenes performed for us.  Use the Hamlet Journal Guide each evening to stay on top of journal entries for Hamlet.  Your Act I quiz will be on Friday.

Today was an unmitigated disaster.  Do any of you have any idea what you’re reading as you read it?  At all?  What a mess.  I think this requires some re-evaluation.  On an epic scale.  I am open to your thoughts.  Please use comments for them so other folks can see them….


One thought on “20-21 April 2011

  1. Mrs. B, I really don’t think it’s as big a disaster as you think. I don’t know about any other students, but our group flew through the text, and at the end we discussed it and we all seemed to understand it pretty clearly.

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