19 August 2011

Today we’ll start off in the LMC (Library Media Center) to check out books. You need something by MONDAY, when we will begin our reading workshop routine. Ordinarily Fridays will be set aside for vocabulary, but we will start that next Friday.

Instead, today we’re going to watch a short music video together (by Radiohead), and I’ll ask you to write about it using this prompt: What did the man say?  Defend your thinking using evidence from the video.  You may not write “he doesn’t say anything” or “it doesn’t matter, it’s just to get our attention,” etc.  Think.  Treat it like a puzzle.  Use the pieces that the video gives you.  The lyrics to the song are here, and a copy of the video is here and a a copy of the script is here.

Once you have written your response in your journal, I invite you to publish your response as a comment on this post by 8 a.m. MONDAY. This helps in two ways:

1.  You can start interacting with each other about your ideas–but do NOT peek if you haven’t done the work of coming up with something, or we’ll end up glomming on to group think.

2. I can print off your responses and we’ll use them as the focus for our discussion Monday.

NOTE: Comments require your name.  To protect your online identities, you may simply provide your first name and last initial.  If you share a first name and last initial with someone else in the class, then please provide the first two letters of your last name.


One thought on “19 August 2011

  1. The man lying on the sidewalk lies down because the “weight on his shoulders” from guilt and regret becomes too much to bear. He feels guilty because he made a mistake and didn’t take the initiative to fix it, meaning he did it to himself, and now he feels it’s too late. In the end, he says, “I didn’t,” which reminds the crowd of their own personal regrets that suddenly come “reeling” back from the back of their minds “like a comet,” fast and destructive.

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