25 August 2011

Today we finished talking about the school readings.

Then I started introducing the Critical Reading Journals (and here is the Critical Reading Journal Handout).  I’m going to introduce this very, very slowly and with lots of support and space for questions because I want to make sure this is an approachable, manage-able job for you (see tomorrow’s post for a “nutshell” version of journal writing).

For tomorrow, I’m asking you to read “The Red Headed League,” but I want you to stop BEFORE Holmes explains everything.   In fact, stop after Holmes says “You see, Watson…” (on page 14)–I don’t want you to read his explanation.  Instead, I’d like for you to try and figure out how Holmes figured out what was going on. In fact, consider it your journal prompt: How did Holmes figure out what was going on?  Give specific evidence for your conclusions.

I’ll be honest, there are lots and lots of clues in the text, but it will take some really hard work and really hard thinking to find them and make sense of them–and even that may be fruitless.  If you get stuck, go ahead and read the ending and then go back and find the clues.

We’ll use your experience writing this entry tomorrow as we finish talking about the journal.


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