29 August 2011

Today we finished reading through the Journal Handout together.  You can take a look at the Journals in Nutshell post if you want the short version.

Then I asked you to read Hills Like White Elephants for tomorrow.  The story is prototypical of Hemingway’s Iceberg Theory.    In your journal, I want you to write about what the heck is going on in the story–and I want you to use evidence from the story to do that. In fact, that’s the critical reading skill we’re working on in the shorts unit: creating interpretations based on evidence.

But it’s tough with this story.  As a result, I’m giving you Secret Clues Round One and Secret Clues Round Two to help.  DO NOT OPEN these clues unless you ABSOLUTELY have to!  I really want you to try and stretch your brain and figure it out on your own.

HINT: If you can ask yourself a good question about what confuses you, you’ll probably find a good answer.

That’s it.  Tomorrow we’ll talk about “Hills.”  And then we’ll be winding down our “Shorts” Unit and getting ready for Of Mice and Men.


One thought on “29 August 2011

  1. okay, so. I annotated the crap out of the thing, and holy shmoely, I made close to hundreds of connections either strange, or how something correlates to something else. I still need to figure out what it MEANS, but I’m in want to share…

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