Fair Warning: PowerSchool

Warning: I have updated PowerSchool and your grades look screwy.

Remember that writing is 40% of your trimester grade, but right now all you have is one tiny little 5 point on-time proposal score.  So those 5 points are showing up as 40% of your grade for the time being.  If you handed it in late or not at all, you’re probably staring at an F.

FEAR NOT.  It’s not permanent.  If you keep working and hand in your make up work, the grade will turn around.

(And yes, feel free to share this with moms and dads who might be panicked…!)


2 thoughts on “Fair Warning: PowerSchool

  1. I didn’t speak today in discussion so I felt the need to say that I agree with Kole Butler (my apologies if that’s spelled incorrectly). When he said that villains that have physical imperfections usually have scars, and scars usually distinguish bad guys. I noticed in my reading that Kole is right, bad guys usually have the scars in books, I also noticed that good guys are usually the people who have disabilities that they were born with or received in an accident and have to deal with in books. One of the first examples of this that pops into my mind is Tom Robinson in “To Kill A Mockingbird” his crippled hand that he damaged while working with a cotton gin. His disability makes his personality softer, and in the end of the book it…

    (Spoiler Alert: If you have not read “To Kill A Mockingbird” DO NOT READ ANYMORE OF THIS COMMENT)

    saves his life by proving him not guilty.

  2. Thanks, Issac. I’m glad someone finally mentioned Tom! He’s such a perfect example of the “damage life inflicts” type of injury. It’s really powerful to think about all the ways that Tom is damaged by life–as Foster says, Tom’s arm represents “personal, historical, cultural, mythic” wounding–esp. given that it was done by a cotton gin. It doesn’t get any more clear than that!

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