27 September 2011 & Sample Foster Journal Entry

Today we’re going to start in the LMC for book check out.

Then, we’ll do some more work with Foster.

I’d like to start with a think-aloud.  I’m going to read a chapter of Foster aloud with you to show you what I’m thinking and how I’m annotating as I read it.  My main purpose in offering this think aloud is to give YOU some strategies for reading Foster (and non-fiction more generally, I suppose).  I suspect that if I can make my own thinking explicit, then I can better help you learn to identify the what Foster is offering us.

And now, because there was some confusion about how the DOHA and this type of reading go together, I’m going to offer you a copy of my journal entry on “It’s More Than Just Rain and Snow” (Foster). Notice that I use my notes to develop my response to the DOHA prompt.

The rest of the day will be for reading the remaining chapters (13, 19, 20).  Tomorrow, Thursday and Friday will be for watching OMM the movie and doing some thinking about film as a “text” that we “read.”


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