28-30 September 2011

We will be watching Of Mice and Men in class.  We do this for two reasons:

  1. In the 21st century, it is as important to be able to read film and images as it is to be able to read text.
  2. It’s good practice for one of your tasks that asks you to write a movie review.
This is an exercise in learning to “read” movies.  As a result, I’m asking you to do two things:
  1. Keep track of the artistic choices the director is making and what those choices accomplish.  This is a different way of thinking about how a movie is different than a book.  It’s just not very fruitful to merely compare.  Instead, thinking about them as different works of art in their own right.  This exercise should help.
  2. Keep track of the red flags in the movie.  Each evening, go back through your notes and write (briefly) in your journal about what sense Foster would make of the red flags you’ve noticed.
I’ve given you a graphic organizer called Of Mice and Men Film Analysis to keep track of things while you’re watching–but make sure you follow up and write in your journal about how Foster would interpret the things you’re seeing in the film.
On Friday, the sub will post your vocab words on the board for you to copy.  They are:
  • gam – marraige – as in monogamy, marriage to only one person
  • grad, gress – step – as in progress, to step forward
  • gym – naked – as in gymnasium, the ancient Roman schools where male students competed in athletic events naked
  • hemo, hema, hem – blood – as in hematology, the study of blood
You will finish the movie, and if time permits, you’ll talk about your discoveries in small groups.  We’ll talk as a larger class on Tuesday.

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