Last minute update re Task 2

Hey–meant to talk to you about concessions yesterday and forgot–and not the kind you buy at a football game, either.

In your proposal or in your letter, a concession can be a great ETHOS weapon.  It happens when you agree with your opponent but offer an alternative conclusion to theirs.  For example:

Mrs. Smith is right that the Harry Potter series is full of magic.  However, most of the magic that characters practice is not religious in nature so there seems little cause for alarm at the novels leading children astray religiously.

While Mr. Jones has suggested that the Harry Potter series be removed from our school libraries, I’d like to suggest instead we consider asking parents who object to the books to let us know. This information could easily be flagged in the student’s account on the library’s computer system. In this way, the parents who wish to protect their children from the novels could do so, but other students would retain access.



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