17 November 2011

Today we continued reading Raisin.  For your journal tonight, consider

  • The significance of Mama’s speech about freedom used to be life and now money is as well as Walter’s response that money has always been life, and they just didn’t know it.
  • Beneatha and Walter in their back to Africa” scene contrasted with George Murchison’s distaste for African heritage.
  • What does the check symbolize?  Why does Mama become so reflective and quiet after it arrives?
  • Leaving–Beneatha, Walter and Mama all make dramatic exits in the section we read today.  What is significant about leaving the apartment?  How is what happens “out there” different than what happens “in here?”

Note:  I am very, very worried about cookie cutter journals.  If you earned 100 on your journal check, then you can feel free to just go on doing what you’ve been doing in your journal.  The visual model is really for those of you who might be struggling with the journal writing, and need more structure to make it work.


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