16 December 2011

Today we had to do some catch up on vocabulary (see below).  I also offered an Task 3 Essay Ambulance.

In terms of vocabulary, I’m asking you to get caught up by Tuesday.  On Tuesday I will collect all of your vocab sheets and put them in the computer.  So far, our words are

  • mit, miss – send – permit – to send through
  • mon – warn – premonition – a feeling that warns you about something in advance
  • morph – form, structure – moprhology – the study of shapes and forms
  • neuro – nerve – neurology – the study of the nervous system
  • nov – new – novel – describes something new (a novelty is something new & interesting because of its newness)
  • ordonto – tooth -orthodontist – a person who straightens teeth
  • pac – peace – pacifist – one who believes in peace as a response to violence
  • path – feeling, suffering – sympathy – describes feeling or suffering with someone
  • pel, puls – push – repel – to push away or push back
  • phon, phono – sound, voice – telephone – a device that enables one to hear sounds/voices from far away
  • pneum – lung – pneumonia – inflammation of the lung (literally, lung-warning)
  • port – carry – portable – carry-able
  • psych -soul, mind, spirit – psychology – the study of the soul/mind/spirit
  • quer, quis – question or ask (v) – query – a question
  • schizo, schiz – division, split – schizophrenia – describes a divided mind/head (phren)

I have EXEMPTED YOU from your journal entry and discussion for today.  Your final discussion/journal entry for your memoir is on Tuesday.  I will not see you on Monday–have a wonderful career caravan.


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