9-10 January 2012

Yesterday was a writing day.  We worked on Task 3 in the lab.  Reminder that it’s due Jan 17.

Today we were back in the classroom reading Antigone.  For tonight’s journal assignment, I’m asking you to write about Choral Ode I.  Please paraphrase the ode (line by line or sentence by sentence translate what it means) and then identify the thematic purpose of the ode–what universal message does the ode offer and how does that message connect to what we’ve seen so far in the play?

Finally, this is journal interview week.  I’ve had only four interviews so far, mostly successful.  A few tools to help you as you prepare:

  • Ask people who have already gone if you can read the comments I gave them.
  • Use the journal interview rubric (under Quick Docs tab at the top of the blog)
  • Read & study the Journal Interview Transcript.  Note that EVERYTHING highlighted in yellow is ONE ANSWER (So later, when I say “another answer, equally as thorough,” I mean the student gives another, equally long and quality answer as the first.

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