Task 4 Update

Hi 10H scholars.  First, a visual update–I have seen this three times this week, and it’s a good feeling, let me tell you:

If you can’t tell what it is: It’s an empty inbox.  All your papers are back out to you where they belong–wahoo!

Then, I want to revisit showing vs. telling.  I made a Showing vs Telling Remix handout.  I think there is a lot of confusion about it because some of you think showing is about adding detail or flare or adjectives, but it’s not.

Showing doesn’t have to do with detail or flare or adjectives or metaphors, even.  It has to do with letting the reader experience your experience with you rather than hearing about it from you.

Showing means letting the reader draw his or her own conclusions from the data…and then providing really good data so that they will get the same impression you meant to give.


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