21 February 2012

Today I declared the END OF POETRY (until Task 5, third trimester).

We began looking toward Fahrenheit 451.  In preparation, I asked you to read three short stories:

  • There Will Come Soft Rains
  • By the Waters of Babylon
  • Harrison Burgeron

All three of these have a dystopic element to them that will help us in approaching Bradbury’s novel.  In terms of journal prompts, I gave you these:

Soft rains

  • What even precedes the story?  How do you know?
  • What does the poem have to do with the story?
  • Who is the protagonist?  Antagonist?
  • Identify some similes/metaphors that Bradbury uses and make a theory as to why (what they contribute to the text)


  • Using CLOSE READING and EVIDENCE from the text (i.e. Perrine’s theory), try to identify the places that the protagonist visits.

Harrison Burgeron

  • What are the rules, roles and guiding principles of this society?  You’ll need to construct these based on the actions and events of the story rather than from direct exposition.

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