5 March 2012

I’ve revised Task 5 because I wanted the instructions to be clearer.  I’ve also revised the explication proposal sample.  Take a look at each.

Today we are in the lab, working on Writing Task 5

At Noah D’s request, here is a Sample Proposal for Explication –UPDATED and REVISED at 11:00 a.m. Thursday 3/8, look at the new one, please.

Lots of questions about syntax and what I mean by that on your proposal question #3.  Syntax has to do with how a sentence is built.  This might be what kind of sentence it is (declarative, interrogative, exclamatory, imperative), but also what type of writing the sentence uses (simple, compound, complex).  It may have to do with the order of the subject and verb–is it subject, then verb, or is that order inverted?  It may have to do with length of the sentences, or whether the sentences are fragments, run ons, complete thoughts or incomplete thoughts…etc.

I will have copies of the Norman Morrison poems in class. Once again, I am requiring that we use Google Docs for this task.  However, since the “return receipt” didn’t seem to work very well last time, I’ve come up with a new approach that should work beautifully.  In order to make sure that your paper has been sent, please do BOTH of the following.

  1. Check “Send a Copy to Myself.”
  2. Click “Add a Message” and write me a short note.  You can use this to write some first say comments about your paper overall OR you can use it to just say “here’s my paper.”  Either way, it will signal that you REALLY want the email to be sent; hopefully the electronic brain that is Google will take that seriously.  🙂

Visually, these two things look like this:


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