28 March 2012

Today I introduced the Recitation Assignment and rubric as well as the rationale for recitation.  We spent the rest of the day discussing F451.

Things I’d still like to talk about

  • Why the section titles are called what they’re called
  • The mirror factory  and the gardener vs. lawn-cutter images (p 5, p 6 got to it)
  • The sensory images in Montag’s experience in the woods (p 6, p 5 got to it)
  • The ending (p 6, p 5 got to it)
  • The hobo method & its effectiveness
  • What the book has to say about our society
  • Contrast/compare Granger & Faber
  • Why Beatty programmed the hound to track Montag even before he “knew” about the books
  • Irony of Montag turning to books to find life and losing his home, his wife, his friends, his job and kills a man
  • Why doesn’t the government keep hunting for Montag?

Anybody else?  Anything else you want to talk about?


2 thoughts on “28 March 2012

  1. I think that Bradbury is trying to express the caution that is necessary when dealing with technological advancements. While they are a good thing, we cannot allow ourselves to become completely immersed in technology because we may leave important material things behind (books for example)

  2. I think that is really weird how a book, that has the main message of books are very important, has everyone who turns to books for awnsers either die, or lose everthing in their lives. In a way it makes sense because nobody is really happy without the books.

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