17 August 2012

Then we watched a short music video together (by Radiohead). For Monday, please write in your journal using this prompt: Why did everyone lie down? Defend your thinking using evidence from the video.

Specifically, I asked you to come up with two distinct theories and at least three pieces of evidence for each one.  Your journal page should look something like this:

A few guidelines to help you:

1. Consult no one, especially not each other. You may talk with your parents/guardians if you like, but that’s it. Do not Google. This is an exercise in thinking and reasoning, and I want it to be YOUR thinking and reasoning.

2. You may not write “he doesn’t say anything” or “it doesn’t matter, it’s just to get our attention,” etc.  Think.  Treat it like a puzzle.  Use the pieces that the video gives you.

3. There are three different kinds of evidence you can use: the lyrics to the song are here, and a copy of the video is here and a a copy of the script is here. As I said in class, it is very unwise to ignore visual evidence–this is a video, not just a script or a song.  It’s meant to communicate visually.

Note: I also gave you a copy of the Intro to Critical Reading Journal, the Visual Model for a journal page, and the Journal Prompts & Evaluation page. I asked you to READ these three pages for Monday, though we may or may not get to them until Tuesday. I’m serious about reading them.  It’s a big deal to get this journal set up well.  We’ll talk about the handouts on Monday (if we run out of steam in our Radiohead discussion) or Tuesday (if we don’t run out of steam).


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