24 August 2012 (1st & 3rd Per)

FORGOT TO MENTION TO FIRST HOUR: If you do not have a Google Account, please create one this weekend.  We will be using them in the lab on Monday.  Instructions available on the style guide–swing by and pick one up.

Today I introduced vocabulary and passed out the 10H Morpheme List. I asked you to define the sample words for the first seven morphemes, USING THE MORPHEME.

For example, the first morpheme is “ab,” meaning “removal, off, away from.”

If the sample word was “abstain,” I might write “staying away from something”–because if someone is on a diet they abstain (stay away from) chocolate.

Of course the sample word isn’t “abstain,” it’s “abdictate.  These seven definitions are due on Friday, August 31.

Then we went methodically through the “Writing in Mrs. B’s Honors and AP Classes” handout. There will be a quick quiz over that handout (and the writing rubric) in the lab on Monday.  Be prepared.

And yes, we’ll be in the lab on Monday for our first writing day.


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