31 August 2012 – & “What is a common sense definition?”

Happy Blue Moon.  If you’ve ever thought you might like to do something “once in a blue moon,” today is the day.  The second full moon in the month of August.

We started with vocabulary due to the early out. We took our weekly random quiz. I upped the ante on our definitions project.  You already know your job is to define 6 sample words each week using the morpheme definition. But I’m going to extend that to what I’m calling a  “common sense definition.”

A common sense definition…

  • Uses the word “someone,” “something,” or “describes.”
  • Offers a complete sentence.
  • Uses every day langauge.
  • Includes the target word and the morpheme (word part).
  • UNDERLINES the morpheme and the definition of the morpheme.

So for example, if this was your first word on the chart:

Morpheme     Definition          Sample Word

a, an                    not, without          amoral

You would need to define amoral.  So you might write this:

Amoral” describes someone who acts without paying attention to what’s right and wrong.

Notice that I followed all the instructions, including underlining the morpheme and the morpheme definition. FOR FRIDAY September 7, please create common sense definitions for words 8-15.

The rest of the period was reserved for you to work on your reading for Tuesday. I’ve asked you to read Chapter 2 of OMM and Chapter 21 of Foster. Your journal prompts are:

  • Re OMM Ch 2 – OMM is a frequently censored or banned book.  I’d like you to create a page in your journal that is split in half.  On one side, keep track of the things you think might cause someone to want to remove this book from a school or library. On the other side, keep track of the things you notice that make this a particularly artful or meritorious work.  In my journal I call the first column “eyebrow raisers” and the second column “Literary Merit.”
  • Re Foster Ch 21 – How does OMM interact with the notions of being marked? What about another book or story you’ve read? (Free advice–Harry Potter is an easy one).  To do this journal entry well, you have to get clear about what Foster is saying about being marked, and what it means before you can write about how that impacts OMM/another text.

Finally, a last reminder that if you haven’t yet submitted a proposal, it’s due by MONDAY.


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