17 September 2012

Today we met in the lab for a writing day.  Many of you who submitted papers last night didn’t have writing to do, so you had the options of

  1. Reading “Before” in Looking for Alaska, due by Tuesday September 25.
  2. Working on vocabulary common sense definitions and/or reviewing on Quizlet.

I gave a quick essay ambulance, focused on

  • Reminding you to use the outline I provided in the presentation on drafting your first essay.
  • A glance at the dates.  Task 1 is supposed to be finished by September 28 (all drafts, all critical reflections).  That’s less than two weeks away.  If you have finished your first draft and gotten comments on it, you’re probably in very good shape.  If you haven’t yet submitted your first draft, you need to get that in today.  Anything else is really far behind schedule at this point.
    As I said in class today and I’ll say a million more times before the end of the year–procrastination on your part does not mean an emergency on mine.  I get two days with every paper every time.  If you lollygagged and waited a whole week before turning a draft around, that’s unfortunate.  You may not want to do it again.

Finally, a congrats to Steph H, the first accepted paper of the year.  She is now working on her critical reflection.  Bravo, Steph!


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