17-19 December 2012

Happy holidays, beloved scholars!

When we return, we begin Task 4 and we start reading dystopias (Fahrenheit 451, Animal Farm, 1984 and Brave New World)–but most of you should have NO HOMEWORK over the break.

In terms of Task 3 Papers:

  • At 3:00 today I will stop accepting papers until after break.  Any paper submitted to me after this time will have an “in date” of January 3.
  • Task 3 is supposed to end January 4.  Most of you are ready for critical reflections/rubrics, so we’re all in good shape. If that’s all you have to hand in, waiting until after break is just fine since…
  • I will also NOT be grading Task 3 until we return. As you know, I prefer to wait until I have most of the rubrics in and then process them en masse.  It helps me get a better sense of our overall strengths and weaknesses as a group, and helps me focus writing instruction a bit more.

Enjoy your time off.  You deserve it.

(Oh, and if you see Will B – tell him WOW. ‘Cause his voice was really SOMETHING in the winter show today, huh?)


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