10-11 January 2013

Thursday we discussed the short stories — or tried to.  We got through “Harrison Burgeron” in both classes, but only first hour got through “Soft Rains.”

Friday, we had to start F451.  I passed out books and then we read–Part I is due Tuesday.  I’m asking you to do Journal Prompts 1, 2A, and 3A.


One thought on “10-11 January 2013

  1. In the story, There Will Come Soft Rains, I thought the author was trying to critique how our society is so reliant on technology. One of the way the author protrays this is with the motif rain. I noticed how at the beginning of the book it was naturally raining from the sky but at the very end of the book it was raining from the walls in the house. The author is saying that we are going to one day come to a point where, we humans, are not going to be in control and technology is going to rule what we do and when we do it, (shown by the house saying the time and what is needed to do then). The author is also showing how technology is going to destroy and overpower nature, by the rain motif, and by the house killing the dog.
    We also discussed in class who we thought the protagonist was in the story Harrison Burgerseon and I think the protagonist is Harrison because he is being trapped in jail by the government and is trying to escape (and does), he helps the reader realize how controling the government is being, he thinks the government is wrong in trying to make everyone appear equal, and he questions the governments motives in handicaping everyone in society.

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