15 January 2013

Today we met to talk about Part I of F451. We will talk MORE about this tomorrow.  If you haven’t finished reading Part I yet, here is your chance.  Please read it.

I know that everyone has to fake it to make it through a book now and then, but this would be a tragic choice with this book.  I think you miss the heart and soul of our class if you miss this book.  It is the book that takes me the longest to re-read because I’m still making notes, and a book that has shaped my thinking about the world.  It’s a book that is profoundly relevant and disturbingly accurate.  It is a book that invites you to sound your barbaric yawp rather than curling up in front of the TV and succumbing to the somnolence of our culture.

I asked every person to write ONE of the questions you developed up on the board. We arranged those questions into constellations of questions.


In your Karaoke Crews, I asked you to choose and tackle 1-2 of the constellations.

Then we watched this short video by John Green.  In it, he raises four issues I asked you to discuss:

  • The way everything in Part I is both “living” and “dead.”
  • Clarisse as the “manic pixie dream girl” and an unbelievable character – do you agree or disagree?  Why?
  • The current trends that Bradbury is critiquing (the pitfalls and privileges of technology, and specific technologies like TV and iPods).
  • The novel as a novel of “ideas” rather than a true novel.

I also asked you to consider how the trends Bradbury critiques (especially through Beatty’s monologue) relate to our earlier reading of Vonnegut’s “Harrison Bergeron.”

Lastly, I am providing a fun extra credit opportunity for you to TWEET your way through reading F451 (perhaps the ultimate irony? I don’t know for sure).  Here’s how it works:

Anytime you read a quote in the novel that resonates with you, TWEET it @mrsb_cityhigh with #F451 as the hashtag. If you like, add a little comment that shows what you’re thinking.  Up to 15 quotes/thoughts for up to 15 points.  And there are some examples below:

Screen Shot 2013-01-15 at 2.36.04 PM


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