6 February 2013

Today we talked about the three Norman Morrison poems, working through some compare/contrast.  We also looked at the news article.  In all four texts, we focused on identifying TONE.  The poems are sympathetic while the newspaper article is not.

For tomorrow, I asked you to do PHASE ONE of a manuscript study (all four parts) on “Rink Keeper’s Sestina.” The explanation for manuscript study is on page 36 in your packet.




One thought on “6 February 2013

  1. I notices how all the poems explained how Norman’s death was more than just death and they all seemed to sympathize for him. Also all of the poems seemed to agree with Norman about the Vietnam war, and how it was dumb. But all of the poems seemed to focus on different topics. In the Ferguson the focus was more set on his mental health, in Mitchael the focus was more general due to it’s newspaper like writing, and the Starbuck was focused on the idea that he was speaking through burning himself

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