29 April – 3 May 2013

After Monday’s dress rehearsal, we’ll be in the little theatre reading from MSND together and acting out scenes as they come up.

Today we see four very different visions of romantic love in the play:

  • Theseus, who “won” Hippolyta by “doing her injury” and believes that a “distilled rose” is happier than one that lives and dies on the vine.
  • Egeus, who believes that since Hermia is his daughter, he “may dispose of her” as he likes–either to the one he’s chosen or to her death.
  • Hermia and Lysander, who rhapsodize about the “customary cross” of the “course of true love” that “never did run smooth.”
  • Helena, who believes that love is a blind, irresponsible, promise-breaking child.

In your journal, I’d like to ask you to choose one of these definitions and explain how you believe the other characters would respond to it and why.

For example, if you choose “love is blind, irresponsible…” then how would Hermia and Lysander respond to that?  What about Egeus?  And what about Theseus?  Why?


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