16 May 2013

Happy AP World History Day.  I hope it goes well.

As for us, today will be a reading/work day for those of you who are in class to spend time on papers, reading SH5, journaling, getting ready for journal interviews, etc.

Speaking of journal interviews.  Nothing’s changed.  The packet I gave you applies here as well–in fact, there’s a section about “second half of the year” interviews.  But in case you need to see all the “stuff” again:

  • Journal Interview Questions & Tips–includes explanations, a sample of interview material, helpful tips and commentary. This year, our second half texts are: F451, Dystopic Choice Novel, Raisin in the Sun, Poetry, Hamlet (the film), MSND, and SH5. You may also use The Princess Bride.
  • Rubric for the Journal Interview (2nd and 3rd Trimesters only)–note that while Foster is appropriate for both interviews, Nabokov, Agassiz and Perrine will only be appropriate for the final interview, as they are introduced during the second half of the year.
  • Sample Journal Interview Transcript – note that (1) the entire yellow highlighted section is ONE ANSWER.  So later, in green, when it says “another answer, equally as thorough,” I mean another answer of that length and (2) The student spends a considerable amount of time actually reading from the journal.


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