10H – 17 September 2013 – OMM Film Day 1

Today we’ll begin watching the OMM film. A few things about watching film in 10H:

  1. In my mind, giving class time to a film is a serious (and costly) thing. As a result, I consider it a TEXT we are “reading” and about which we are making meaning.
  2. Each day’s viewing = One journal entry.
  3. Even for films based on other books, I encourage you to think of the film as ITS OWN TEXT. That way you don’t spend a lot of time thinking about what they did “right” and what they did “badly,” you can take it on its own terms.

I use this particular film to help you assess how well you’re doing with Foster. So far we’ve read about

  • Meals
  • marks
  • biblical resonance
  • violence
  • weather
  • season
  • geography

So your journal prompt is the same for each day: What would Foster notice in the film, and how would he interpret it?

I suggest you put on FOSTER glasses while you watch, jot down things you notice and then take 5-10 minutes tonight to formulate some theories about what those things mean and why they’re significant.


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