10H – 26 Sept 2013 – Practice Round Socratic Seminar

Hello scholars. I’m back, and only still slightly sensitive to light.  🙂

Today we’re going to run a practice seminar. The goals are:

  1. For us to talk about Chapter 1 of ASP.
  2. For me to stop us a lot and push us in the direction I want to see these seminars going so you can get a feeling for how it will be.

I need to add TWO Foster chapters to our reading agenda. I’m asking you to read these chapters for TOMORROW.  They are Chapter 16 (“It’s all About Sex”) and Chapter 18 (“If She Comes Up, It’s Baptism”). In your journal, please write about a “non-sex sex scene” and a “baptism” scene from a book you’ve read or a movie you’ve seen. You may use OMM, Hills, or ASP if you like.


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