10H – 1 Oct 2013 – Socratic Seminar Ch 2-3

Today we had a seminar for Chapters 2 & 3 of A Separate Peace. I’ve asked you to read Chapters 4 & 5 for Thursday’s seminar.

I’ve also asked you to read Foster’s Chapter 14 no later than Tuesday of next week (though it will help you at any time).

While we’re doing seminars, your journal prompts are tied up in the seminar instructions (see “Pre-Seminar Work” in the Socratic Seminar Handout (2013) for detailed instructions).

For the sake of truth and beauty, check out this clip of Wendell Berry reading “The Peace of All Wild Things.” He is one of my favorite poets. The full documentary is airing on PBS Friday 10/4.


One thought on “10H – 1 Oct 2013 – Socratic Seminar Ch 2-3

  1. I’m here to toss in my thoughts on this chapter since I missed the socratic seminar! The thing that stuck out to me the most in these 2 chapters was the way that Gene’s envy grew and developed. The first time that it is directly mentioned is on page 18 where Gene says: “I was beginning to see that Phineas could get away with anything. I couldn’t help envying him that a little, which was perfectly normal. There’s no harm in envying even your best friend a little.”
    In this quote he states twice that he only envy’s him a “little” so its a small amount- though it also makes him sound like he’s trying to justify his envy. Another thing that makes him sound like he is trying to justify him saying it’s “perfectly normal” and that theres “no harm.” So Gene is coming to terms with his envy but still trying to justify it to himself by minimizing the impact of the emotion in his thoughts.
    Later in these chapters on page 39 Gene says “Everybody’s staring at you. It’s because of that movie-star tan you picked up this afternoon… showing off again.” This is another point of envy. He says that Finny is “showing off” but only after a pause. This means he thought about the statement. And since there was that pause it makes it sound much less harmless and joking and more like a blunt statement. He also says “again” which is implying that Finny shows off often. Even if Finny does not intentionally do this- Gene sees things this way. I think thats the best indicator of his envy.
    This is how I see that trait in Gene developing throughout the chapter- it goes from denial and talking to himself about a “little” envy in his own head to straight up statements directed at Finny about his showing off his good looks. I think that means that Gene, although he may not be directly aware of it, is becoming both more intense and more openly hostile towards Finny about this growing envy.

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