10H – 28 Oct 2013 – Task 2 Template

Also, your QUIZLET TEST over Morphemes 1-50 will be on Monday November 4 in the lab. It’s a good idea to study….

Scholars, today is a writing day. Some of you are ready to start writing your letters. I’m offering you this Task 2 Template as a guide for two reasons:

  1. It is already formatted as a block-style business letter. You do not need any additional headers on this task because your job is to write LETTER not a paper.
  2. It tells you a little bit about what goes in each paragraph as well as some “do” and “do not” statements you may find helpful.

To use the Task 2 Template, log into Google Drive. Then click on the template link. When it’s open in your GDocs, got to FILE and MAKE A COPY.

Make sure to name the copy with the correct filename: your first initial, your last name, Task 2 Draft 1.


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